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1. The mixed slurry is transported uniformly to the high speed disperser through the precision output pump, and then enters the dispersion chamber from the liquid entrance;

2. The circular wall of the dispersion wheel has a compact circular hole, and the wheels are driven by a special high-speed motor to move in a high-speed circular motion with a maximum linear speed of 70m/s.

3. The distance between the dispersion wheel and the barrel wall is 1-5mm(specially designed according to different media characteristics);

4. The slurry that enters the dispersion chamber is quickly flung out of the centrifugal force of the spinning wheel, hitting the wall of the barrel.On the other hand, the narrow gap between the wheel and the wall of the barrel can produce a strong shear effect on the retained slurry, and the combination of these two functions achieves the dispersion of the aggregate in the slurry.

5. The slurry needs to be retained for a certain amount of time in the dispersion chamber, so that the uniform distribution of the pulp in the cavity can be realized.

6. After treatment, the slurry flows out from the top.

InNovaZ LM 60

LEIMIX has shattered conventional wisdom in mixing, giving rise to totally new technologies.The thin-film, spin methodology ensures sharp distribution of nanometer-sized particles that has been impossible with conventional mixers.

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